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New Primary Lessons

9 NEW primary lessons to be released in June and more to come in July:
– All new videos include post-lesson review with headteacher and/or senior leader
– NQT led lessons will be available soon

Primary lesson observation

This collection features 35 good or outstanding primary observation videos. Detailed professional feedback, teacher lesson plans, and question prompts are included to enable schools to deliver low cost, high impact training sessions.

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EYFS and Key Stage 1

Reception Literacy

Topic: Inspired writing
Previously children had found clues in the playground including droppings, bones and footprints. The class agreed it must be a dinosaur, making this the topic of the lesson. Watch a preview

Reception Maths

Topic: Addition
The theme is ‘Under the Sea’ and children are shown the four different methods of adding groups together. Watch a preview

Reception Maths

Topic: Counting and number bonds
This lesson is based on the topic ‘Under the Sea’ where children revisit numbers, accurate counting, number bonds and problem solving. Watch a preview

Nursery / Reception Maths

Topic: Cross-curriculum: Jack & the Beanstalk
Children in both reception and nursery groups work on a variety of numeracy focussed activities to consolidate and extend their learning. Watch a preview

Reception Science

Topic: All about peas
Children look at a selection of peas, whole, mushy, frozen etc, in order to describe the differences. Watch a preview

Year 1 Literacy

Topic: The Enormous Turnip
The class are looking at the topic of growing things. They have learnt the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and the associated actions. Watch a preview

Year 1 Maths

Topic: 3D shapes
The class study a 3D shape, and play a game in which they have to use new vocabulary to describe a shape to their partner. Watch a preview

Year 1 Numeracy

Topic: Fractions of shape
The focus of this session is on halves and quarters and how to write these fractions.Watch preview

Year 1 Phonics

Topic: digraph ‘ey ‘
A new phase five sound is introduced – the E sound covering the letters EY which come at the end of a word. Watch preview

Year 1 Phonics

Topic: ‘o’ sound
This bottom ability SEN group look at the “o” sound for the first time in class. Watch a preview

Year 1 Phonics

Topic: ‘ow’ sound
This class is following the Read Write Inc. scheme. Pupils have to work out which ‘ow’ sound is being used. Watch a preview

Year 1 Science

Topic: Materials
Children use their senses to see what materials look and feel like in order to find out more about them and convey this knowledge. Watch preview

Year 2 Independent Learning

Topic: Castles
The teacher sets out a variety of engaging activities in different subjects such as Maths, English, Design, and History so children can practise and embed their learning. Watch preview

Year 2 Literacy

Topic: Reported speech
During the lesson a ‘live’ pirate enters the classroom, stealing a variety of items, including the teacher’s I-Pad. This is the stimulus for the lesson. Watch preview

Year 2 Literacy

Topic: Writing scary stories
They look at describing a setting and the context is a haunted house which is discussed with talk partners. Watch a preview

Year 2 Maths

Topic: Multiplication
In this lesson any gaps in knowledge are reviewed and the teacher has narrowed down which methods children need to focus on. Watch preview

Year 2 Reading

Topic: Using expression
This is one of year 2 children’s daily reading sessions. The focus of this session is using expression and the class is split up into 5 groups. Watch preview

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Science

Topic: Investigating Healthy Bodies
After discussing what makes a fair test in the classroom, the children venture outside to conduct their own practical experiments using a carousel of activities. Watch preview

Year 3 Science

Topic: Forces
This lesson was prompted by assessed misconceptions in the class relating to the topic of forces. Watch preview

Year 3 Topic

Topic: The Romans: Gladiators
They learn more about gladiators lives and consider what would make the perfect gladiator. Watch a preview

Year 4 Literacy

Topic: Dragons: writing a setting description
This lesson the topic is dragons and the class are looking at stories about imagined worlds. Watch preview

Year 4 Maths

Topic: 6 Times Table
This lesson is one of a series, in which children prepare for a real charity fundraising sale. Watch preview

Year 4 Philosophy

Topic: What does it mean to be beautiful?
In this Philosophy class children look at the definition of beauty and what it means to different people. Watch a preview

Year 4 Science

Topic: Forces, making a prediction
In this lesson the class explore materials and equipment needed in order to predict the effect of friction on a variety of objects and surfaces. Watch preview

Year 4 Science

Topic: Sound
The aim of this session is to establish what children already know about sound, what misconceptions they may have, and identify gaps in their knowledge. Watch preview

Year 5 Literacy

Topic: Forming complex sentences
By using complex sentences students aim to improve the quality of their writing and make it more interesting to the reader. Watch a preview

Year 5 Literacy

Topic: Writing a conclusion
A treasure chest containing artefacts is used to stimulate children’s imagination and ideas. Watch a preview

Year 5 Maths

Topic: Negative numbers
Previously the class have looked at positive and negative numbers on a number line, and in this lesson they put this in the context of temperature. Watch preview

Year 6 English

Topic: Writing story endings using flashbacks
Video of narrative linked to memories of World War 2 are studied. Focuses on flashbacks in developing writing. Watch preview

Year 6 Literacy

Topic: Writing limericks
Students develop their own success criteria by discussing the characteristics of limericks and looking at some of Edward Lear’s work. Watch a preview

Year 6 Maths

Topic: Percentage
The topic of this year 6 set is solving percentage problems looking at increasing and decreasing figures. Watch preview

Year 6 Maths

Topic: Using pictograms to represent data
The class look at pictograms to represent data, focussing specifically on whether children can think of keys to use in their pictograms. Watch preview

Year 6 Music

Topic: African Music
Students look at different aspects of music they have studied over six weeks and bring everything they have learned together in a final musical performance. Watch a preview

Year 6 Science

Topic: Melting: interpreting results
Each of the year 6 children in this class have set up their own investigation into the melting of ice. Watch preview

Year 6 Science

Topic: Planning a fair test
This mixed ability group work in pairs and discuss ways to create a fair test and decide on what they wish to investigate. Watch preview