Lesson Observation: Primary – Key Stage 2 (KS2)

Year 4 Maths – NQT

Topic: Short multiplication

Seaside Primary School is a school that moved from Requires Improvement to Outstanding.
This lesson was observed by the head/deputy head and forms part of the teacher’s performance management review and appraisal.
This resource includes a filmed feedback session with the teacher and head/deputy head, along with a written report based on their live observations of the videoed lesson.

Lesson description

In this year 4 Maths lesson the class apply short, formal multiplication to word problems and missing number questions. A variety of activities and tasks ensue, including calculating the amount of money the class will need for their upcoming Isle of Wight trip. The TA works with the lower ability children and moves around the group to help children who need formal support.

Duration: 34 mins

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Lesson feedback report:

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