Pathways to Outstanding

Outstanding Primary Classroom Practice in Action

A resource that takes a joined-up approach to teaching and learning to support primary schools and teachers in delivering outstanding classroom practice. It is flexible, and provides schools with a wide range of stimuli, video exemplars and downloadable documentation to deliver powerful, cost effective, in-house staff development and school improvement.

Content of this four-part resource:

1. Maximising Learning Time
– Creating a school vision
– Consistency across schools for high expectations
– All stakeholders involved in behaviours for learning
– Maximising learning time & getting the day started
– Giving children independence & responsibility
– Meaningful homework – safeguarding

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2. Marvellous Maths
– How do we plan our Maths curriculum
– Outstanding teaching, learning & assessment in action (Year 4)
– Making Maths fun for KS1
– Teaching multiplication to Year 2
– Practical Maths for SEND Year 5
– Making Maths fun for Year 6

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3. Exciting English
– How do we plan our English curriculum
– Thinking and planning outside the box
– Reception Phonics: TA intervention group
– Use of the ‘Mantel of the expert’, year 2,4,5
– Use of children as peer assessorssessors

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4. Cross-Curricular Context
– Joined up topics
– Cross curricular hubs in action
– Building confidence
– Making good use of PPA time

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About the author

John Hemmings

Education Consultant to Schools and Local Authorities


Following a successful 25 year career as head teacher in five different schools, John set up his own consulting business to share his experience and expertise. As Heads Consultancy, he travels the country, working with head teachers, senior staff, governors and local authorities to deliver a joined up approach that ensures better classroom practice.
This resource, designed by John, has been developed with reference to the latest DfE requirements and inspection expectations.
Contact John:
0796 6222143