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Sixth form lesson observation

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Year 12 English

Topic: Edward Bond’s ‘Lear’
In this lesson students analyse and explore Edward Bond’s Lear. Watch a preview

Year 12 History

Topic: 1951-1964: Position of woman & attitude to immigration & racial violencer
Students look at social developments between 1951 and 1964. Watch a preview

Year 12 Maths

Topic: Critical Path Analysis
Previously they looked at setting up network diagrams based on critical paths, and this lesson focusses on putting the numbers in. Watch a preview

Year 12 Physical Education

Topic: Violence in sports
The aim of this lesson is to understand the causes, implications and strategies to prevent violence in sport. Watch a preview

Year 12 Religious Studies

Topic: The Bible as a source of wisdom
Students look at the Bible to see whether it has authority and can provide good moral advice in our daily life. Watch a preview

Year 13 Biology

Topic: Gene probes and genetic screening
Lesson revolves around gene probes and genetic screening and they will look at gel electrophoresis to have a better understanding of this. Watch a preview

Year 13 Geology

Topic: Geological maps
This class looks at applied geology and the development of an airfield and a dam site, including the geological consequences of building these sites. Watch a preview

Year 13 Performing Arts

Topic: Practical piece using music, dance and drama
They have already been given a stimulus and commission to devise a practical piece with the target audience in mind. Watch a preview

AS Biology

Topic: Lungs: Ventilation and Spirometer
This class have been looking at lung structure, ventilation and disease. In this lesson students learn how to use a spirometer and are introduced to key terms. Watch a preview

AS Electronics

Topic: Boolean algebra
In this lesson students look at traffic light systems and make use of boolean algebra. Watch a preview

AS Psychology

Topic: Attachment behaviours
Students are introduced to the strange situation experimental method and the attachment behaviours associated with it. Watch a preview

AS Sociology

Topic: Diversity of family structures
This lesson focuses on modern family structures, co-habitation and marriage. Watch a preview

A2 Communication & Culture

Topic: Applying Marxist Theory to a Cultural Text
The focus of this session is Madonna’s Material Girl music video, and the aim is to apply critical theory to this case study. Watch preview

A2 Maths

Topic: Minimum spanning trees
In this lesson the class look at finding minimum spanning trees from a matrix.Watch a preview

A2 Psychology

Topic: Campaign to prevent recreational drug use
This mixed ability group of students are introduced to a campaign designed to prevent recreational drug use. Watch preview

SHD Diploma

Topic: Collaborative working within a large organisation
This class is about partnership working and students explore job roles within the NHS and how people work together. Watch preview