A2 Maths

Topic: Minimum spanning trees

In this lesson the class look at finding minimum spanning trees from a matrix. In previous lessons the students have been introduced to finding minimum spanning trees using Kruskal’s algorithm and Prim’s algorithm. Students apply these network algorithms to find the smallest way in which a network can be connected.

Duration: 28 mins

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Year 12 History

Topic: 1951-1964: Position of woman & attitude to immigration & racial violencer
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Year 12 Maths

Topic: Critical Path Analysis
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Year 13 Biology

Topic: Gene probes and genetic screening
Lesson revolves around gene probes and genetic screening and they will look at gel electrophoresis to have a better understanding of this.

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AS Biology

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A2 Communication & Culture

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A2 Maths

Topic: Minimum spanning trees
In this lesson the class look at finding minimum spanning trees from a matrix.

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Topic: Campaign to prevent recreational drug use
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SHD Diploma

Topic: Collaborative working within a large organisation
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