Frequently Asked Questions

Ofsted no longer grade lessons, why do you still do so?
Although Ofsted have stopped grading individual lessons, we have retained grades to enable schools to identify the quality of filmed observations to use in training sessions. The suggested judgements cannot fully represent an inspection outcome as inspectors have access to year group attainment and progress data to triangulate with what they see in lessons.
I am looking for a specific lesson for my training day, can you help?

Yes of course. We have many schools contacting us with specific requirements. Some schools also use our lessons as part of their interview process. We also have a list of lessons with topic, duration and grade (not all) if that helps. So please get in touch:

I only need 1 or 2 lessons, do you have that option?

Yes. You can license an individual lesson.

Licence cost per lesson:
3 month licence: £75 +VAT
6 Month licence: £130 + VAT
1 Year licence per lesson: £200 + VAT

We do offer discounts depending on your needs so let us know your requirements:

What's the difference between an academic licence and a commercial licence?

An academic licence allows you to use our resources within your organisation for non commercial purposes, for example for staff training or interview processes.

A commercial licence allows you to use our resources for commercial purposes, where you are charging to deliver training, for example a consultant delivering a course, or as PGCE provider. 

Can I download the videos?
No, sorry.
Can I download the documents and send them to my colleagues?
Yes you can.
How do I give access to users who work remotely?

All subscriptions come with 50 remote user access. Here are the instructions:
How to give your users access to your membership.pdf

I am thinking of signing up but I would like to see a sample. Would this be possible?

All videos have a 3-5 minute preview on the site which includes the teacher’s introduction and a snippet of the lesson.

Watch a preview screenshot







If you want to see an example of a lesson go to:

Do you offer a free trial?

All our resources are available to view with a 7-day free trial. Contact us for your free trial.

Can our school contribute lessons?

Yes. We are currently looking for secondary schools to contribute lessons. Find out more here.
If you are not a secondary school, you can still get in touch.

Can you invoice my school?

Yes. When you subscribe, you will have the option to request an invoice.

If I request an invoice, how long do I have to wait before I can use the website?

There is no waiting time, you can use the website straight away.  

Do you need a purchase order number?

No, however some schools require you to request a purchase order whenever you buy goods or services. You would need to check with your organisation.

I only want to access one lesson online for a training course next week. What other options are there?

You can rent our lessons individually or as a collection using Vimeo on Demand on a monthly basis. Your contract will be with Vimeo and not ourselves so we won’t provide you with an invoice and we wouldn’t be able to cancel on your behalf.

None of the feedback forms and lesson plans can be found on Vimeo, but you can drop us an email and we would gladly send them to you.

What is your personal data protection policy?

You can find our privacy policy here