How to access our resources? Subscription vs Licence


There are two ways to access our resources:

Option 1

Purchase a subscription and give your teachers access

As a school, you can purchase a subscription and provide access to your staff members to use our resources at home. All our subscriptions now allow you to give access to 50 remote users. If you need more user accounts, we can add any number of additional users for £5 (+VAT) per user. To find out more, contact us at

If you already have a membership with us and would like to set-up your members of staff, let us know how many accounts you need. Once set up, you can follow the instructions below on how to give access to your users.

How to give your users access to your membership.pdf

How to give your users access but not the document downloads (PDF)

All our resources are available to view with a 7-day free trial.
Contact us for your free trial.



From Option 2

License individual lessons for use on your website

As a school, teaching school or consultant, you can buy a licence to individual lessons and embed them on your password-protected website.

All our resources are available to view with a 7 day free trial so you can choose the ideal lesson(s) for your needs. Contact us for your free trial.

Choose which lessons you want to license, and we will send you the embed code to add to your site. Licencing costs are based on number of users, duration of licence etc.

Indicative licence cost per lesson:
3 month licence: From £75 +VAT
6 Month licence: From £130 + VAT
1 Year licence per lesson: From £200 + VAT

If you want to license more than 3 lessons, we offer a 20% discount.

Send us an email for your licence requirements.

Choose your plan

* Price excludes VAT

Do you want to access


Full Access Subscription (Academic)

Unlimited access to all our resources £499 / Year

Full Access Subscription (Commercial)

Unlimited access to all our resources £899 / Year

Or select your individual plan?

Classroom Observations:

Primary: EYFS, KS1, KS2

£299 / Year


£299 / Year

Sixth form

£299 / Year

Further Education

£299 / Year

CPD Resources:

Evidence-based Teaching

£299 / Year

Pathways to Outstanding (primary)

£199 / Year

Additional videos / resources

Free to members

Carly talks benefits

In this two minute interview, Carly from Aquinas College talks about the benefits of watching the pre-recorded lessons of other teachers. She says:

  • with video, you can step back and see elements of lesson very clearly
  • you can learn from watching teachers from any subject teach
  • you can be more objective in your observation when not watching a colleague
  • you can reflect on what others do and improve your own practice.

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