Year 1 Phonics

Topic: ‘ow’ sound

In this lesson the teacher uses the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme to develop children’s understanding and use of both the ‘ow’ and ‘ou’ sounds.

The year 1 group is given the challenge of sounding out both ‘ow’ sounds, and deciding which one to use. There are two phonics levels in this class, and a classroom assistant supports the lower ability pupils. Children explore speed sounds, and are introduced to a new book where working with a partner, they identify the two sounds in sentences. Group discussion, reading and writing activities reinforce the learning.

Duration: 35 mins

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Lesson plan and feedback:

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Topic: Writing a conclusion
A treasure chest containing artefacts is used to stimulate children’s imagination and ideas. Watch a preview

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Finding percentages of amounts in order to answer multi-step problems. Watch a preview

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This lower ability class look at lines of symmetry on regular and irregular shapes. Watch preview

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Topic: Negative numbers
Previously the class have looked at positive and negative numbers on a number line, and in this lesson they put this in the context of temperature. Watch preview

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Students develop their own success criteria by discussing the characteristics of limericks and looking at some of Edward Lear's work. Watch a preview

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