Evidence-based Teaching

Evidence-Based Teaching uses methods which have been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective. Teachers can make a huge difference to their students’ learning. While there is a lot of good evidence available, much of it is hidden in academic journals and books. These resources have been designed to present this evidence in accessible and practical ways for teachers.

This resource covers ten of the most effective teaching methods as identified by thousands of experiments conducted worldwide. The video is presented by Mike Bell, with many methods explained by Geoff Petty, author of Evidence-Based Teaching.

Each method is explained and then, in most cases, you see the method in use in real classrooms by ordinary teachers.

This resource includes a printable booklet of supporting material for the film.

Video duration: 1 hour, 24 minutes 

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Other videos in this collection

Evidence-Based Teaching: Top Ten Methods

A look at ten of the most effective teaching methods as proven by the research conducted worldwide. Embed and modify these to use in regular practice, and you WILL improve learner outcomes.

How Brains Learn

Using the latest research, Mike Bell explains, in a jargon-free and accessible way, how the brain learns, why some students find learning difficult and how we can help them learn more easily.

Learning Difficulties: Different Brains

How are the brains of people with learning difficulties different and how can we help them? Weaknesses in one area can sometimes be strengths in another. It covers four main areas: dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit & autistic spectrum.

Edu-Wash: Myths and fads to avoid in education

This video looks at 25 things to avoid in education. There are two main ways to improve learning:  either we implement methods and policies which have been shown to be more effective, or we can ditch those which, the evidence shows, are ineffective.

Pupil Premium: Secrets to success

This video looks at the evidence for what works, what three Pupil Premium award winning schools did, and gives practical advice to schools on how to achieve the best results using their pupil premium.

Learning from Good lessons

This film looks at three primary school lessons. We show extracts from each of the three lessons explaining why the method is effective or where using another method could have further improved the learning.