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A comprehensive guide to lesson observation that ensures all leaders understand its purpose and practice.

These training materials are fully aligned with Ofsted observation practice and provide full support for policy decisions needed under the  Performance Management and Capability arrangements.

The resource include guidance and resources that:

  • are ready for use for staff training
  • are practical and enable you to define your own bespoke school approach
  • engage leaders and teachers with the purpose and practice of lesson observation

Observing for Impact is a modular training package that helps you target different aspects of lesson observation practice and helps you get the best from lesson observation by clarifying what you are using it for and what impact you want it to make.

Who is it for?
Training activities can involve all teachers and governors and school leaders so they engage appropriately with lesson observation.

To see the scope of this resource have a look at the overview documents Purposes of observation, and Managing the observation process which set the context for 24 training activities included in this pack.

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