Year 9 ICT

Topic: Creating a building in Google SketchUp

In this lesson learners focus on Google Sketchup, software which allows the design and planning of buildings.

They start with a 2D model from which a 3D working model is created.

The objective is for each learner to create a building which will for part of the whole classe’s  Google town.

Duration: 30 mins

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Lesson plan and feedback:

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Year 7 French

Topic: Using à accurately
In this lesson students learn to be able to use à accurately. The context of the lesson is talking about places in town.

Year 7 Maths

Topic: Notation and labelling conventions
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Year 9 French

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Year 9 ICT

Topic: Creating a building in Google SketchUp
Students design buildings starting with a 2D model from which a 3D working model is created.

Year 9 Music

Topic: Layering music
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Year 10 Citizenship

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Year 10 Media Studies

Topic: Researching target audience
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