L3 extended diploma in Health & Social Care

Topic: Psychodynamic approach

In this lesson year 2 learners apply some of the psychological theories covered in the previous academic year to see how individuals develop personality and language.

Specific behaviours are studied, in this case the focus is on aggression and addiction. Finally learners consider and discuss treatments.

Duration: 45 mins

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Lesson plan and feedback:

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Further education lesson observation

The following videos come with detailed professional feedback, teacher lesson plans, and question prompts* to enable schools to deliver low cost, high impact training sessions.

BTEC Performing Arts

Topic: Drama improvisation
Year one learners look at the use of improvisation in drama. A central theme is the impact that emotion has on a character.

CS31 course: Tree Felling

Topic: Tree Felling
Learners process and fell small trees in preparation for assessment at the end of this five day short course.

Initial Learning Support Session

Topic: Ways of reaching the number 24
Priority learner identified as needing additional support with numeracy. The basis for the session is: If the answer is 24, what is the question?

Level 1 Catering

Topic: Cooking methods – steaming
Learners prepare a traditional steamed pudding with custard. This group all have additional needs such as ADHD, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia.

Level 1 Customer Service

Topic: Customer service to retail businesses
Students identify good and bad customer service, understand the importance of customers to retail businesses.

Level 1 ESOL

Topic: Global warming
Students acquire and analyse new vocabulary related to global warming through listening to a BBC video clip.

Level 2 Arboriculture

Topic: Tree access and rescue
Learners practise their tree climbing and aerial rescue skills.

Level 2 Carpentry

Topic: Door hanging
Students gauge the margins around the door, mark out the positions of the hinges, cut the hinges into the edge of the door, and transfer the hinge cut outs on to the frame.

Level 2 Hairdressing

Topic: Practical session based on commercial salons
Learners work with real clients. The video follows the progress of one student, from greeting the client through to taking payment.

Level 2 Plastering

Topic: Fitting angle beads
Students learn how to fit angle beads. They apply themselves well to practical tasks, and think about the practical implications of their trade.

Level 3 Animal Biology Lesson

Topic: Horse leg dissection
Working in small groups, the aim is to safely dissect the limb, and identify select structures.

Level 3 Animal Management Lesson

Topic: Dog training
In this lesson learners are shown how to train dogs using clicker training techniques.

Level 3 Animal Management

Topic: Stress in training Animals
Students look at stress and the effects it has on training animals.

Level 3 Art and Design

Topic: Life drawing
Learners look at the development of drawing skills and the use of drawing as an exploratory tool.

Level 3 BND Health

Topic: Major life events
tThe class look at major life events and how lifestyle factors influence development.

L3 ext. diploma in Health & Social Care

Topic: Psychodynamic approac
Learners apply some of the psychological theories to see how individuals develop personality and language.

Level 3 Horse Management

Topic: Excretory systems
Students look at the excretory system using kinesthetic learning styles.

L3 Sport: Performance and Excellence

Topic: Sports injuries
Learners look at some common sporting injuries, in particular the ankle inversion injury.

Level 3 Sport

Topic: Freestyle ultimate frisbee
Students warm up and revisit simple catches, then move on to intermediate catches watching video demonstrations in between.

L3 VRQ Motor Vehicle

Topic: Tracking equipment
This Level 3 VRQ lesson focusses on using tracking equipment and diagnosing steering and suspension faults.